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Joining The Desolate Order

Here at the Desolate Order, we are more interested in recruiting a certain type of person vs a certain type of in-game character.  We’re a laid back group that likes to fly (and blow up) internet spaceships. The best way to explain might be to read the three spacerules that we have in place.

Stay Classy: Yes, really. We take it seriously. Our goal is to be a place free of personal insults and welcoming to players of all races, genders, hair colors, facial hair status, etc. If you are joining us from another Brave alliance, you already get the idea, however we take it very seriously.
Stay Cool: Shit happens. Ships get blown up. Someone will offline all your guns. Someone will cause you to lose your ship. Tensions will occur. And when it does, just remember that we’re all one team. No raging, no yelling.
Have Fun: Fun is mandatory.

Sounds good, can I join?

Maybe! Join our in-game channel Brave Desolate. Let us know that you are interested in our corp. Apply using the form located above to get the process kicked off. Access to our wormhole is restricted to Order members.

Will I be able to do anything in the Wormhole?

Probably! Below is our entry level skill plan. It was built with the intention of getting day 1 newbies into the three most basic roles in wormhole space as soon as possible: Scouting, PVE, and PVP.  For the sake of simplicity, you can download the evemon file and see what you’re missing.  If you don’t have evemon, download it here.

DO Skillplan


But I like flying with the alliance fleets

So do we! Many of us have alts that lead or participate in alliance fleets, events, strat-ops, and everything else. You’ve already flown with us before, you probably just didn’t notice. That said, we are a wormhole corp first and foremost, so we require that your main toon be with us in the hole.  We are not a vacation/money-hole corp.

Okay, so how do I actually get in your corp?

Complete an application on this site. We require full APIs with all alts, and no expiration date. We’ll look it over and probably invite you into our comms to get to know you a little better. If you’re accepted, you’ll get a welcome mail with more instructions.

I still have questions

Ask in Brave Desolate for general questions. Feel free to talk to Arian Felou, Jael Sotken, or Drink Holder with any recruitment specific questions.

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