History of The Desolate Order

The Beginning

A long time ago, in a browser game far far away, there were social groupings that called themselves alliances. One of those alliances went by the name “New Polar Order”. It was birthed by another alliance that called itself the “New Pacific Order”. They eventually were no longer new, but what’s in a name anyway. In the year 2006, in the communication halls of the better of the two Orders, the Polar one, a man named Ericadia, who was mostly known for being the designer of the flag of the New Polar Order, a flag which was brought into many many battles, took a bunch of Ambien. While seriously fucked up, he began to type things in our shared internet relay chat system for a long long time, the logs of which have been preserved in a sacred shrine. The most important section is thus:

<Saint_Nuke> ….,….,….,….,….<>….<>….,….,….,….,….,
<Saint_Nuke> the caravan moves through the desert
<Saint_Nuke> upon which the hopes of all people rest
<Saint_Nuke> all free people
<Saint_Nuke> an ordder of fury
<Saint_Nuke> an order of power
<Saint_Nuke> an order of greatness
<Saint_Nuke> an order of Justice
<Saint_Nuke> The New Desolate Order
<Saint_Nuke> All hail
<Saint_Nuke> Hail NDO
<Random> amazing
<Saint_Nuke> Hail the New Desolate Order, and their depraved lord
* Random claps
<Saint_Nuke> the tyrant
<Saint_Nuke> bringer of pain
<Saint_Nuke> bringer of hope
<Assington> hahahahaha
<Saint_Nuke> he leads us through
<Saint_Nuke> …
<Saint_Nuke> …
<Saint_Nuke> leaving all thier thoughts behind
<Saint_Nuke> passing over time and space of extasssyyy
<Assington> Eric, what did you take again?
<Saint_Nuke> roll, up, unto the door. a light upon which a nation born
<Saint_Nuke> can only hope and only weep their passions
<Saint_Nuke> may be growing week
<Saint_Nuke> wwww
<Saint_Nuke> wwekwekda
<Saint_Nuke> weak*

Later, when he became sober and nearly clear-headed, he created a pseudo-alliance called the New Desert Order, because he thought that was what he came up with. Apparently he mis-remembered. The New Desert Order, or NDO for short, became sort of a secret society of the political elite, however each with the distinct flaw of extreme laziness. Like the Illuminati but with zero desire to wield their incredible pull because that would have been work and F that noise.

At some point, the NDO began to be used by people a clan/guild/alliance in different internet games. A way for people from all different political groups within Cybernations to join together and explore new game worlds. I, your narrator, eventually became de-facto leader of the group because I had a lot of free time. We tried many games, but all of them were pretty much shit. At some point I began using the original name within the most holy ambien logs and dropped the “New” because that shit was played out. Thus we became The Desolate Order, while remaining the NDO for short.


Eve Online and the Battle of Asakai

On January 27th, 2013, the largest battle in Eve Online (at the time) occurred. This made serious headlines and attracted many people to Eve who had been interested but had never taken the plunge or had failed to stick around. Notable (to this story) new players include your narrator, Random Interrupt, Random Insert, and Matias Otero. I had, a month previous, just retired as Emperor of the New Polar Order. The False Random had retired again from his responsibilities in the the CN alliance called Farkistan. He threatened to steal my name and so I registered for Eve to protect it. We discussed joining GOONS but in the end decided to start our own corp and see if we could recruit from Polar and Fark. I decided to bring the name of The Desolate Order out from mothballs and see its name and imagery live again! On February 1st, 2013, The Desolate Order, ticker symbol NDORD, was launched. Random Insert began recruiting from Farkistan, myself from Polar, and also from my friends in the RLs. My Polar recruitment went… very poorly. At our one year mark, I am the only active participating member from the Polar side of things. However I had much more success in recruiting friends. Insert’s recruitment from Farkistan went quite well though, and on the eve of our creation is still a source of many of our members.


Being Brave

While we did not know it at the time, another corp was founded 1 day before our own, and that corp was named Brave Newbies Inc. Founded by Matias Otero, his goal was very different than ours. He accepted any and all newbies, we accepted only those we knew and trusted. While we added one member a month, he added thousands. On May 6th of 2013 BNI launched the Brave Collective alliance. The Desolate Order was among the very first to apply to join and on the 18th we became one of the first to be accepted. From that moment forward we became BRAVE.Which began The Slaughter. This new alliance immediately became under attack by RvB, who based themselves around the Order’s home of The Forge. We, a group of highsec industrial miners and haulers, immediately became wartargets and died en-masse. Leaving the alliance was considered as we had no idea how to handle it. We persevered though, and created our second corp, Conglomerated Subsidiary to house our hauling and industrial efforts while we learned to adapt to PvP. ConSub for short still exists and services our great Order from the relative safety of obscurity.

We were largely ignored by the alliance at large, both due to them not bothering to see who was in their alliance and due to our focus on own own growth and learning. Overtime we began to make somewhat of a name for ourselves, although we remained a quiet but ever-present force within the alliance.


The Present
And here we stand, improbably alive, after one year of existence. Our membership increases while our unique culture continues to grow and develop. We remain in BRAVE, our influence and notability only rising. At some point we ended up in a wormhole and managed to become “experts” at it. Our leaderships skills develop further and we become more internally secure and stable and skillful. We shall always have challenges, but I think it’s safe to say that year one was pretty damned successful! And here’s to many more!


All Hail The Desolate Order!
Desolate Flag

Everywhere I go I see firsthand the difference homework helpers it’s making.