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« on: September 26, 2015, 08:58:51 AM »
Please use ShareX instead.

It does the same thing as puush with notable differences:

1. It has more features

2. It's open source. You're downloading from github.

3. It uses imgur for the image hosting. puush servers are flaky.

4. puush got hacked earlier this year. Their webserver was compromised and malware was added to the installer. If you're computer was running and puush was running in the tray, you automatically installed the malware. There's no guarantee that your PC is clean right now if you were affected by this even if you installed r100 afterwards.

5. Puush hasn't had a release since version r100 (which removed the malware) which means:
 a. there's still no way to turn off automatic updates
 b. they still haven't implemented any sha verification or code signing which likely means this can happen again.

6. It's really ambiguous how puush is making money since they have bandwidth/infrastructure costs. You probably are the product being sold.

tl;dr stop fucking using puush.
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Re: PUUSH Users
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Thanks Coris, just made the change!  :drinks:


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Re: PUUSH Users
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Re: PUUSH Users
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Ok, Thanks for information.
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